HR Consulting

Through strategic management of Human Capital and a knowledgeable background of organizational HR needs, Interdot collaborates with HR specialists to deliver holistic HR solutions; resulting in increased productivity, improvement of company processes and reduction in operating costs. Our solutions further empower management to concentrate on the organisation’s core strategies, services and unique points of differentiation through these services:

  • HR Administration, policy and procedure implementation

  • Strategic Human Resources Planning

  • Reviewing and drafting of employment contracts, employment policies and disciplinary codes

  • Job analysis, design and gap analysis

  • Developing employee feedback and grievance systems

  • Performance reviews

  • Appraisal performance development and career management

Contingency & Contract

We are never short of readily available candidates who are looking for keen employers. Our responsive temporary employment services attempt to find you a suitable employee to report for duty within a 24-hour time frame. Our contracting staffing solutions also covers mass staffing where a large number of people need to be employed and/or outsourced for a specified period of time. We provide management, administration, management of employee benefits and payroll services as well as handle any industrial relations matters. We are able to offer the following:

  • Locally based employees

  • Time management system

  • Worker identification

  • Protective Wear

  • Medical assessments

  • Induction services

  • Site Management services

  • Transportation services

  • Accommodation procurement services for employees

  • Other requirements as specified by client

Permanent & Disability

Our staffing efforts are both candidate and client facing. We believe that winning teams are built by people who understand the culture and needs of the organisation. Our services cover all aspects of recruitment; from job description formulation, candidate sourcing, candidate screening, interview facilitation and onboarding.

Approximately 5 million South Africans are disabled; and less than 15 percent of this group is successfully employed. We at Interdot, are committed to assisting candidates with disabilities employment. Having outsourced the services of a disability talent acquisition specialist; we have ensured that our premises are a disability friendly and we are constantly trying to promote our disable candidates to prospective employers.

Employee Screening 

Employee screening is the process of narrowing down applicants in the candidate within the selection process. We facilitate this process by conducting background checks and/or psychometric assessments. We can assist in verifying your prospective candidate’s:

  • Identity

  • Driver’s license

  • Residential information

  • Credit History

  • Employment history

  • Employment references

  • Qualifications

  • Criminal background/offences